About Us

Arter Plumbing provides quality residential and commercial plumbing services to the Louisville, KY area. For over 30 years, we have provided personalized customer service and have exceeded our customers’ quality expectations. We provide free estimates on large projects and offer numerous product and labor warranties. We also welcome insurance claim work.

At Arter Plumbing we strive to be the best as well as try to separate our companies from the rest in our overcrowded profession. We believe great customer service is what drives our company and and keeps us separate from other companies.

We are a smaller, family owned establishment with many years in this trade as well as extensive schooling and continued education yearly to be up to date with our profession and aware of product changes as well as anything that has to do with plumbing and its general hazards that could potentially harm or effect the general public including our customers! a lot of general public that is not in our profession doesn't know that we as plumbers are to protect the health of the nation, and that is hat we intend to do on a daily basis..

One way we strive to set ourselfs different from others in this profession is our #1 commitment to our customers, more personal with our customers unlike a lot of "bigger" companies! we actually take the time and and listen to our customers, weather its about a plumbing issue or just history in that persons life that they share with us because we listen! We are more upfront with our customers regarding the situation at hand to help better resolve the problem fully rather than our customer spend unnecessary money to "Band-Aid"the problem to then call us back in a short time because the initial problem re-occurred!

We don't consider our customers as "Job Security". We value and consider our customers as family too! We don't want to be that company you will call one time and just was not satisfied, we want to be the company you will call on anytime you have a plumbing issue. We want to be "THE" company that your family and friends use. We want to be the company that you feel comfortable with knowing we are there to help you, serve you, and most importantly, be honest with you,not just as our customer but as our family!

Our reputation speaks for itself, the Arter Plumbing family consist of re-peat clientele, referrals, as well as word of mouth advertisement. We prefer that type of business other than spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in big advertisements to try and prove ourselfs through big phone book ads. We let our honesty, loyalty, and workmanship do that for us!

At Arter Plumbing, as the owner, my promise to you is that when you call upon us to handle a situation, not only will you be at ease knowing a professional is in your presence,but also knowing that we will treat you and your problem with the up most respect and compassion not only as just a customer, but someone we would consider "family"!

"if its plumbing,we do it!"

Contact Arter Plumbing today at 502-639-3623, or browse the website for more information about our products and services.